Syria International Adoption Process and Cost

Syria is a country that has been in a constant war for the last 10 years. Because of that, there are thousands of children who have been orphaned and displaced. The threat of violence there is so extreme that many of the children have become refugees and are seeking asylum in other countries who will take them. This is the largest problem concerning international adoption from Syria and costs.

Can you adopt a child from Syria? No, right now you can not adopt a child internationally from Syria. The country is a war zone and a hotspot for terrorism. The only option would be to adopt a child who is a Syrian refugee that has taken asylum in countries like Turkey and Canada. Syria is not one of the parties of the Hague Adoption Convention.

It can be devastating to know that children around the world are forced to survive through wars, and acts of terrorism. When the infrastructure of a country is so completely destroyed that there is no public works, no water or electricity, no homes left to sleep in, it becomes a devastating reality.

For the children that are living in tents, who have been orphaned and separated by family or lost their families, this can be especially hard.

There is no government agency protecting them, trying to find them places to sleep or food to eat. There is only destruction and warfare.

For this reason, there are no international adoptions from Syria. Although the children may need more help than others, they must become refugees and travel to another country where travel is permitted before you are able to help adopt them.

When adopting a child internationally you must travel to the country where the child lives. This is not an option in Syria and has not been for a very long time. The country has been unstable, and unable to provide social workers, and government employees to help with displaced children.

Nearly 13 million people have been displaced since war broke out in Syria in 2011. These people have found places all over the world to call their new homes.


What are some of the Other Options for Adopting Syrian Children?

There are countries that currently accept Syrian refugees. In those cases, it might be possible to adopt a Syrian child.

Some of the countries that have taken in Syrian refugees are Turkey, India, the United States, Canada, and bordering countries.

Once those children have gone through the proper channels in those countries to reach a status of what would be considered, available for adoption to the U.S. then it is possible that they could be adopted.

A Closer Look at the Situation in Syria

There are millions of Syrians displaced from their homes, but the majority of them are displaced in their own country. Even though neighboring countries have accepted many Syrian families, there are many still who are living in terrible conditions within their country.

This all started around 2011 when conflicts in Syria as well as acts of terrorism forced the country into civil war and has since been a no travel zone for Americans.

America does not offer aid to any United States citizens who choose to travel to Syria. If Someone did decide to travel there for any reason, the U.S. Government advises against it.

Pictures of the damage in Syria can be heartbreaking. Many children are injured and killed in different kinds of warfare, including bombings, poison gases, and acts of terrorism.

Many of the children’s family members have died either fighting against terrorist groups like ISIS or have been forced to join them.

Others are casualties of war dying in drone strikes and mission operations.

The lucky ones get out. Many of the neighboring countries such as Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey have taken in refugees from Syria. Many of them are Muslims and have relations with these other countries.

The ones who are forced to stay displaced in their own country live in tent cities and are moved around by different regimes who come and go, taking over operations in the country.


A Quick Guide on the International Adoption Process

If all of this information on the war in Syria has made you even more passionate about helping children in need then you still have the option to adopt a child internationally.

Whether you can adopt a Syria refugee or not, the option to adopt other children in need is still there. If you would like more information on the international adoption process, then you have come to the right place.

Children need help world-wide, they need loving parents who can provide them with security and a forever home.

Here are the steps for starting the international adoption process.

  1. Research
  2. Adoption Application
  3. The Home Study
  4. Traveling to the sending country
  5. Post Adoption

Let’s start with research

The first thing you will want to do is start the research process. You need to know exactly what it takes to complete an international adoption.

You need to know information about the country that you are considering an adoption from. Also, you will need more information on the status of that child if they are a Syrian refugee.

Start early, do as much research as you can and then you will have a better understanding of your options.

The adoption application

Next you will want to find the right adoption agency. The agency will help you get started with the adoption application and will provide more information on the children that are available from the country you choose.

If you are considering finding more information on Syrian refugees that are available for adoption you will want to find the right adoption agency, that is where your research will come in handy.

What is a home study?

The home study is a process that helps vet the parents who want to adopt, to make sure that the home environment is safe and good for children.

A social worker will come to your home to interview you and any family members who live in the home. They will assist the agency in the dossier that will have all of your information and documents.

Traveling to the country to escort the child home

The main reason that adoptions from Syria are not an option is that you must travel to the country where you are adopting the child from.

You have to make travel arrangements as well as transportation and lodging accommodations, to travel there, finish paperwork there and escort the child home with you.

You have to also secure a visa for the child and go through the proper immigration channels.

Traveling to any foreign country can come with dangers, so when traveling to other countries practice extreme caution.

The post adoption process

Once you have brought your child home a social worker will return to interview and observe how the child is fitting into the new environment and how you as parents are handling it.

These visits can sometimes turn into multiple visits and sometimes depending on the circumstances can last a year.

Here is a list of the Countries that have Accepted Syrian Refugees

United StatesCanada
Austria Sweden

Some of the Costs Associated with International Adoption

All of the above-mentioned parts of the international adoption process come with fees and costs.

You are expected to pay the travel costs, food, lodging transportation, as well as a boatload of document fees that come as part of the process.

Many people can get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and fees that are covered in the adoption but don’t let that set you back in your decision.

This is a long process because it must be. Placing children into homes that are safe is a priority and is the reason for the forming of the Hague Adoption Convention.

While Syria is not a part of that convention and adoptions from their country is not allowed, adoptions to other countries and ones that may have refugee children to adopt will have different fees and costs, as well as long waiting lists.


Here are some of the costs:

  • Application fee
  • Agency fees, social workers, legwork
  • Document and legal fees
  • Travel fees, traveling, transportation, food, lodging
  • Post-adoption fees, to the social worker and documentation

If you are adopting a child internationally the total cost can be different depending on the country and conditions.

You can expect to pay from $15 -$30,000 for the adoption. This can sometimes include travel costs but not always. Check with your adoption agency for more information on the exact numbers.

Related Questions

Do other countries allow international adoption? There are over 70 countries that are part of the Hague Adoption Convention. Although international adoption numbers have dropped in recent years, it is still possible to adopt a child internationally.

What if I want to help a child from Syria in other ways? There are many organizations that offer donations and aid to help displaced Syrians. If you are not able to adopt a child from Syria but would like to help more, consider reaching out to some of these organizations.

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