International Adoption Financial Assistance Available

Many people want to be parents and usually for good reason. For some money is not an issue but for others finances can be tight and assistance may be needed. International Adoption is considerably more expensive due to the process of visiting a foreign country before the adoption. Luckily financial assistance options are available for international adoption.

Financial assistance for international adoption is part of the adoption process where you obtain help financially for the adoption. Assistance can be provided for the fees, the trip out of country, and some of the other costs associated with international adoption.

Some of you who are looking to adopt a child may be wondering is international adoption more expensive than a domestic adoption and the answer is yes. There are many moving parts of international adoption and the price can be significantly more than the domestic process.

If you are looking to adopt internationally, we have found some tips for getting some of the financial burdens taken care of.

But first let’s take a look at some of the costs.

The average prices for international adoption run between $20,000 to $40,000. In some cases, you might pay a higher amount due to the distance of travel for the trip to meet the child in their home country. Places like Siberia have extra travel costs.


There is a country fee, which takes up a large portion of the total adoption amount for international adoption.

These are some of the reasons one might look for financial assistance in an international adoption scenario.

What are some of the fees and costs that make up the total cost of international adoption?

Adoption Application – Fee

There is a fee for applying for an international adoption, this helps to make sure the parents aren’t just entertaining the idea and have already made up their mind.

Home Study – Costs

The home study is a lengthy process, it helps to save time and money if you prepare for it beforehand. Post visits after the initial visit can bring the cost up.  See related article.

Adoption Dossier – Costs

An adoption dossier is a collection of documents that you will need to compile that span across multiple agencies. From local government, to foreign government as well as information needed by the adoption agency.

Adoption Program – Fee

An adoption program fee (country fee) is the amount requested by the child’s country of origin. These fees can vary greatly depending on the country.

International Travel for Escorted Child – Costs

These are the costs associated with the travel-visit to the child’s country of origin, where you will have to spend money on plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and food as well as transportation. Sometimes these amounts can be higher in countries that require multiple visits.

Adoption Post Placement – Costs

Post-placement costs are due to follow up visits made by social workers. After the adoption completion, social workers must visit the home and make reports on the condition and well being of the child in their new home. These are supervised sessions that help judge the adjustment of the parents and the child.

A few other costs to consider

There are a few other things to consider when researching how much money will be needed for an international adoption.

Government Fees

The government will have a set of fees for filling paperwork with the different government entities involved.

Legal Fees

You will have legal fees that come along with international adoption. To find out how much that will cost, consult an attorney who specializes in that area.

These are some of the costs involved with an international adoption however there can be more depending on the state where you live, and the country from where you wish to adopt.

There are also emotional conditions that can occur due to the financial responsibilities of adopting a child internationally, pre-adoption stress, and post-adoption needs, and also the continued emotional and financial support needed to raise a child.

Some might find that they are ready to adopt a child and already know with certainty that they want to adopt internationally however others may have reservations.

We will go over some of the options of an international adoption so you can get a better idea of where you stand within the financial assistance part of the process.

If you want to make an international adoption happen it can take some work and time to raise the funds.

There are support groups for people who are emotionally affected by the financial process and the overall process of international child adoption.

Money can be a huge factor in any major decision and no doubt deciding to adopt a child is a life changing event. You may need to make sure you are ready for that kind of commitment and financial burden.

Other conditions could also factor in such as an adoption of a special needs’ child that might require more emotional support and greater financial support as well.

Below is our list of tips to help get funding for an international adoption:

  • Consider the $ amount for international adoption vs domestic, the international adoption process can be more expensive
  • Get a complete list of the fees concerning the country from which you want to adopt
  • Have all of your bank statements (net worth) and financial information looked over to see how much you have to spend and how much more you need
  • Look for some financial support from within your own circle of friends and family
  • Consider fundraising events, gofundme, and other fundraising techniques
  • Check your credit and see where you stand in the probability of getting a loan

Another tip to help you prepare for the process of funding an international adoption – Don’t give up, one of the biggest reasons that keep families from going through with the adoption process is the intimidation of the financial costs and responsibilities.

You will work through your options and hopefully, with some resolve, you will come up with the financial support needed.

A list by country of some of approximate country fees:

Romania $7,500
Mongolia $9,000
China $9,000
Ecuador $7,500
Vietnam $9,000

Here are some of the projected costs associated with international adoption:

Adoption Application$175
Home Study Costs$2,000
Dossier Fees$2,500
Country Fee$9,000
Travel Costs$4,000
Post Adoption Costs$1,200

These are approximate numbers; every country is different and every agency has different policies and fees.


We hope that this gives you a good idea of projected financial costs of an international adoption.

Can You Get Financial Assistance for an International Adoption?

Chances are you are looking into international adoption and are wondering what kinds of financial assistance is available.  

Luckily there are multiple ways to come up with the finances needed. We have prepared a step by step list on how to research the different kinds of funding options available.

  1. Research communities in your local area that might offer grants for international adoption
  2. Ask around, someone you know may have adopted in the past
  3. Research online, there are many non-profit organizations that fund international adoptions
  4. Find out if you qualify for a personal loan or another type of loan from a foundation

Research Communities

There can be a lot of great local avenues when it comes to adopting internationally. People everywhere are passionate about placing children in good homes. Reach out to community leaders and your peers for more information.

Ask Around

Someone you know may have gone through the process or know of someone who has and could have the answers you need for financial assistance. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Research Online

Due diligence is always one of the most importance parts of a process. Research some non-profit foundations online. Sometimes reaching out to multiple adoption agencies online can also get you more answers about funding.

A Personal Loan

Maybe you have been building up your credit for years and have exceptional credit. You could qualify for a personal loan. You can also reach out to organizations who offer loans for adopting parents.

These are all steps to take into consideration when deciding that you want to adopt internationally.

Now that you have a good idea of what kinds of options there are out there, lets take a closer look at the four types of financial assistance for international adoption.

  • Adoption Grants from non-profit foundations or organizations whose mission it is to fund adoptions domestically and internationally.
  • Adoption Loans can also be considered. There is also the option to take out personal loans from financial institutions, loans from organizations and even loans from personal friends and family.
  • Fundraising can be an opportunity for you to get creative and really dig into your resources. BBQ’s, events, raffles, door to door donations. There are many fundraising options available for the financial assistance of international adoption.
  • Charities can be a great resource for funding. There are many charities around the world that see adoption as a great way to help less fortunate children.

Can You Privately Fund an International Adoption?

It is possible to privately fund an adoption, considering your personal finances, net worth and credit score.

You could pull together all of the resources to pay for your entire international adoption process.

If you have the money to take on the full amount there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

Wanting a child could be the most important thing in a person’s life, could you really put a number on that?

If you still needed a little something extra you could ask for help from friends and family. There are multiple ways for people to donate money easily online, through paypal, cashapp, even facebook.

You might find after reaching out that you could get enough support to fund the adoption as well as financial assistance after the adoption has gone through.

If you are thinking about privately funding keep these things in mind:

  • Make sure you cover all the costs, there are many costs to international adoption as mentioned in this article. Calculate travel expenses, food expenses, lodging and more.
  • After the adoption is complete you must take care of the child until they are 18 years of age. The amount of money it costs to take care of a child for 10+ years can be very high.
  • You may have the dream of adopting a child but don’t let it get in the way of your own financial standing. Keep up with your retirement fund and make sure all financial responsibilities are kept.
  • Don’t be pushy when asking others for help, most of the time people want to help. If they care about you and want to help make a difference in a child’s life they will accept your offer. Give them time to think it over.

Here’s a list of a few organizations and resources for grants and loans.

Brittany’s Hope is a non profit organization dedicated to aiding abandoned children.

Lydia Fund is another non-profit organization that funds international adoption. They have a great resource page.

International Adoption Resources is an awesome online resource that also has grant and loan options for those looking to adopt internationally.

What Can Non-Profits and Charity Organizations Offer?

There are many non-profit organizations and charity organizations that can help get you funding.

Some organizations offer grants that pay different amounts to different families wishing to adopt multiple times a year.

Some of these organizations are privately funded, some are funded by religious institutions.

These grants usually fall in the $5,000 to $20,000 range. They can partially help fund adoptions or in some cases completely fund them.

Each organization offering a grant has different requirements for adoptions through their channels, sometimes you must be married and not single, with others you must be a Christian Family.

Usually you have to show and prove that you need the financial assistance.

Charities also help with grants, sometimes funding the adoption process and beyond. People really want to do good and to give back, there are a lot of opportunities for charitable help.

There are organizations that offer loans. You might be willing to pay back a loan to fund your international adoption and can show the work history and income to prove that.

Most of these organizations fund both domestic and international adoptions.

A Little Fundraising Can Go a Long Way

Organizations and charities can offer fundraising help for adoptions. They usually have access to banquet halls and other facilities, staff, and benefits that allow them to help you raise the money.

You can do your own fundraising too. It can help if you have experience with fundraising, but it’s not required.

Types of Fundraisers: BBQ Fundraisers, Baking Fundraisers, Raffle Tickets, Sponsorships, a walk-a-thon.


There are many online fundraisers that can be utilized. From social networks to phone apps.

You could set up a website to capture donations and tell your story about your adventure into international child adoption.

Ask your friends, family and colleagues, let them know how much adopting a child means to you and how they would help change a child’s life and your life for the better.

What Causes Someone to Give Up on Funding and the Adoption Process?

Financial pressure is one reason families start researching but then give up on the adoption process.

Many people don’t know that there are many options out there for funding their adoption. They may even go through the process of looking for funding and get overwhelmed.

The truth is nothing good is ever easy. If you want to adopt internationally and have the financial stability to raise a child, but not all the funds it takes to fund an international adoption process, don’t give up too soon.

Many people give up before they have even started. Be creative, work hard at it, the options are there. Set goals and make sure you stay on top of the search. Be vigilant and make sure you research all possibilities.   

The road may seem long but the destination is worth the trip.

Prepare yourself mentally.

If things seem overwhelming, try some breathing techniques. Talk to a friend who is supportive.

Watch adoption videos of sweet children on youtube, what ever it takes to stay focused!

Charity is an awesome thing, whether it’s an organization or just your effort to make a difference in a child’s life. In the end you have a chance to do something amazing.

International Adoption Support

Some Related Questions

Do you get government assistance for international adoption?

The government offers tax credits for adoption of a child both internationally and domestically. This is a great option for people who balance their finances with any deductions and credits that may be available to them.

How long does post placement take?

Post-adoption for international adoptions can take considerably longer even years to complete. The fees can be higher since more hours and labor go into the social worker meetings, staff pay and facilities for adoption agencies.

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