Best International Adoption Blogs – 2019 Edition

There are about 100 million Americans who have experience dealing with adoption, whether it is adopting, placing, or being adopted. Also, the United States adopts more children than the rest of the world combined, both domestically and internationally, being a country whose culture highly involves and embraces immigration, diversity, and acceptance.

Best International Adoption Blogs

For those who are planning to adopt, it is best to get into some research first to avoid the intimidating thought of the adoption process. Many have gone through it and were successful. The stories of adoptive parents and facilitating organizations are among the best learning resources.

This article provides a compilation of the most recent and the best international adoption blogs written and published mostly by adoptive mothers or parents, some of non-profit organizations and adoption advocates.

  1. America World Adoption News
  2. Adoption Blog Children of All Nations International Adoption
  3. Holt International Blog
  4. MLJ Adoptions
  5. Great Wall China Adoption
  6. International Child Foundation Adoption Agency in AZ
  7. The Adoption Council of Ontario
  8. Rage Against the Minivan
  9. The Adoption Law Firm
  10. Tiny Green Elephants | Adoption Blog Beginner Homestead Living
  11. Debra Parker
  12. Jamie Ivey
  13. This Gathered Nest
  14. Jen Hatmaker
  15. Wynne Elder
  16. Make Something Beautiful
  17. Every Bitter Thing is Sweet
  18. Grace & Salt by Justin and Keary Cheney
  19. The Archibald Project
  20. Ordinary Time: Life at Bittersweet Farm

These blogs are all informational and inspiring not only to those who have personal intentions to try out international adoption but also even those that merely want to learn about adoption in general. The content and the background of each blog are provided in the discussion below.

America World Adoption News

This is a Christian blog that aims to give out precise and up-to-date information to families about all of America World Adoption’s programs. Specifically, this blog publishes helpful adoption stories and resources that are to guide families in paving the road of adoption.

Adoption Blog Children of All Nations International Adoption

Children of All Nations (CAN) is an adoption agency that operates with the Great Wall China Adoption (GWCA). Its dedication is on helping children all around the world find loving and permanent families of their own with due operations accorded with The Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, the U.S., and international laws. Their site offers a blog feature that tells stories of international adoption to give guidance to aid to prospective adoptive families and those that are already milestones in parenting an adopted child.

Holt International Blog

Holt International is also an adoption agency that serves to help orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children to thrive in life by finding them homes that would shelter them permanently. On their website is a blog feature that publishes about the type of children they serve and more articles that centers on international adoption in general.

MLJ Adoptions

MLJ Adoptions is also a Hague-approved adoption or placement agency that is serving committed and compassionate families by providing ethical, compassionate, and attentive adoption services. The blog feature on their website publishes articles and information about international adoption, the children waiting for families to adopt them, and personal stories that are to inspire adoptive parents at the beginning and during their adoption expedition.

Great Wall China Adoption

Best International Adoption Blogs

Great Wall China Adoption is a non-profit organization that operates from its office in Austin, Texas, and their sister office in Beijing, China. They also partner with Children of All Nations in providing Hague-approved services. They have already helped placed 8,000 children to permanent homes and have served and continues to serve families mainly by striving to grow as experts in meeting China’s requirements and adoptive families’ expectations. The blog feature of their website is highly helpful in keeping families updated on the several aspects of China adoption and international adoption at large.

International Child Foundation Adoption Agency in AZ

International Child Foundation, founded in 2004, began primarily as an international adoption agency and later on, expanded to include domestic adoption. Other than offering comprehensive services for families, they also very kindly offer free services for birth mothers. They are dedicated to providing professional services with compassion and respect to adoptive families and birth parents. Their blog features articles that tell very inspiring stories of the children and the families they help thrive that should touch the hearts and encourage those that are yet to tread the adoption process.

The Adoption Council of Ontario

 The Adoption Council of Ontario is a non-profit organization that provides outreach, support, and education to all adoptees, adoptive parents, prospective adoptive parents, birth families, and adoption professionals in Ontario. They have been in service since 1987, working towards a provincial community where all children have families and homes forever. Their services stretch as wide as public adoption, private adoption, international adoption, and relative adoption. They document the events that happen to the lives of the people they serve, not only proving the reliability of their operations but also giving awareness to the people about the challenges of adoption and why is it worthwhile. They are supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, which is an agency of the government of Ontario.

Rage Against the Minivan

This blog is one that explores international or transracial adoption, foster care adoption, race, identity, motherhood, politics, and faith. Generally, this is made for families who are looking for means to learn about the potential challenges and/or rewards of adoption and also for those who are already at the thick of practicing the role of being adoptive parents.

About the Blogger

Rage Against the Minivan is administered by Kristen, a mother of four children, both adopted and biological. She is a marriage and family therapist who publishes her musings about parenting and the family dynamics at large, especially involving transracial and foster care adoption. She also writes for Huffington Post and Quiet Revolution and manages Instagram accounts, @assholeparents, and @whenchildrendressthemselves, which also tackle parenting life.

Tiny Green Elephants | Adoption Blog Beginner Homestead Living

Tiny Green Elephants is a personal blog that entails what life is like after international adoption and the peculiarity of the setup to other people. Moreover, the blog also tackles the best aspects of adoption and parenting, which entail growth and personal transformation. The advocacies of this blog are mainly on braving all the things that seem to scare people off and using love as a tool.

About the Blogger

Tiny Green Elephants is administered by Amy who is a mother of three kids, two of which are boys who are six months apart which as she says, “usually gives people a funny look on their face” and one girl, preteen, “which has people start doing math between her age and [Amy’s]. Along her is her man Andrew that braved the challenges of adoption and parenting. They are really passionate about giving light to the oppressed, clearly illustrated by their choice to take in two children in their family.

Debra Parker

This is a personal blog of Debra Parker, a mother of four children who are hers biologically and through adoption. The blog entails content about adoption in general, Haiti adoption, parenting, and life of being an adoptee as Debra herself is also an adoptee.

Jamie Ivey

Best International Adoption Blogs

Jamie Ivey is a mother of four children, one of them is biological, and the three are adopted. She took a Haiti adoption program and writes about blog articles for adoption and family. Her blog aims to encourage families as they navigate the adoption process towards the children they are to shelter, raise, help thrive in the real world.

This Gathered Nest

This Gathered Nest is administered by Angela Braniff, a mother of five who are hers biologically and through adoption. Her children are adopted from Congo, China, and from the US via domestic adoption. Her blog is dedicated to creating helpful homeschool, adoption, and family-friendly photography resources for parents and adoptive families. She is wildly passionate about using and extending her skills and tools to help make parents and adoptive families’ lives easier and bearable.

Jen Hatmaker

Jen Hatmaker is a mother of five biological and adopted children. She took an adoption in Ethiopia and now writes and shares her life as once a mere hopeful woman that patiently took on the challenge of international adoption. Other than that, she also publishes write-ups that tackle parenting life and raising headstrong children.

Wynne Elder

Wynne Elder is a blogger who writes about her walk through infertility, through international adoption from Ethiopia, through parenting a child with special needs, and through the birth of her miracle daughter. Her blog articles are her testimonies of her struggles and of miracle, being deeply spiritually rooted in her faith. She is passionate about creating spaces of belonging and connection, a true inspiration of strength and persistence.

Make Something Beautiful

Make Something Beautiful is a blog by Rachel Baxter, who has six children, adopted and biological. She adopted a child from China; hence, this is what mainly constitutes her blog. She also discusses special needs, the challenges, and the rewards of adopting and raising a child with special needs. Her advocacies include encouraging special needs parents and prospective adoptive parents to adopt a child, especially one that greatly needs. Her blogs are high level inspiring that will bring about the optimism on the readers that may have doubts and fears regarding adoption.

Every Bitter Thing is Sweet

Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet is a blog written by Sara Hagerty. Sara is a mother of six children, biological and adopted. She adopted from Uganda after several attempts to battle infertility. She authors about the sensitive topics, thus, of infertility and adoption but with a sense of optimism and spiritual vigor. She is also an author, wrote a book Every Bitter Thing is Sweet, and she writes about life in general.

Grace & Salt by Justin and Keary Cheney

Best International Adoption Blogs

Grace and Salt is a site administered by Justin and Keary Cheney. They are the parents of two adopted children that they adopted internationally from Uganda. They had to temporarily live in Uganda for fifteen months as they were treading through the international adoption process. They inspire people to be giving toward one another and feed those in need not only of food but of kindness and love as well. They aim to create an environment that cultivates community, starting with our family and the table in front of us.

The Archibald Project

The Archibald Project is administered by a group of storytellers whose aim is to spread awareness about adoption by writing blogs and creating powerful videos. This project began in 2011 as an idea to photograph a friend’s adoption in Bulgaria. Whitney and Nick Runyon, the founders of The Archibald Project, traveled with the adoptive father to document his adoption of an eight-year-old boy with Down syndrome. This event inspired a stranger that led to the adoption of a little boy who was chronically ill. And the project grew out from one single adoption to inspiring and educating people around the world about adoption, especially international adoption and adoption of a child with special needs.

Ordinary Time: Life at Bittersweet Farm

This blog is about a family of twelve children, administered by the mother. The blog articles are mainly about what life is like with a large family, adoption, attachment, homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, and Jesus. The author aims to establish that homemaking is an honorable and useful profession on its own terms and that homeschooling is a viable educational alternative. Moreover, her write-ups demonstrate parenting a big number of children and so to inspire others to grow their families either by birth or adoption.

The Adoption Law Firm

The Adoption Law Firm is another adoption service provider that specializes both in domestic and international adoptions. They are based in Alabama and serves prospective adoptive families in the surrounding region. Their blog presents information about all the intricacies of the adoption process, such as the expenses and methods of paying in adoption, writing a letter of reference for home study, and what constitutes a home study.

About the Blogger

The Adoption Law Firm is founded and co-founded by Sam McLure and his wife, Mary Beth. The inspiration in founding the entity is by their son Robi, upon going through the process of his adoption. The couple started as ordinary people who are passionate about taking action for their awareness regarding the great need for loving families that would adopt abandoned children. It was their dream to establish a law center that could passionately serve and advocate for children to be placed in permanent homes.


Can an adoption process be placed on hold?

Placing an adoption on hold is possible, but maybe depending on the adoption agency and the countries or states involved in the adoption. For instance, in the United States, as they offer federal adoption tax credits to adoptive families, the same is offered to the families whose adoption is unsuccessful and is treated with the possibility of the success of the adoption in the succeeding years. For the adoption agencies part, on the other hand, families should notify their agency immediately should situations arise, and request that their adoption be placed on hold, if possible. Many adoption agencies utilize an adoption hold one time per adoption for a period of up to 12 months. If an adoption hold is approved, and a family plans to use a full 12-month hold, the family should be able to initiate a new home study or home study update reflecting their new situation such as new job, baby, and the like. The legal documents shall also be updated in cases where some are already expiring.

Why do so many people prefer to adopt from other countries? Which countries most international adoptions are coming from?

The choice to adopt internationally could have been caused by the inadequate proportion of adoptive parents to child. For instance, in the US, the availability of adoptable children has been decreasing. Moreover, domestic adoption could have many rules and regulations and that there is a fear of not being able to comply with these regulations and limitations. Also, the most popular countries to adopt from are China, Russia, and some of the former Soviet Union countries. However, more countries are becoming popular in the present when it comes to international or intercountry adoption.

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